In Blackness (In Blackness, #2)

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The aliens have returned and we’ve offered them…our flesh. In Blackness (In Blackness, #2) PDF EBook

The aliens mysteriously disappeared but not before they murdered thousands in man- PDFmade, human slaughterhouses.
San Pedro has been gutted from the invasion, physically and emotionally. It is a time of deep unrest spurred by a lack of government transparency about the invasion. The aliens must have had human help. Dustin, Lenny, and Saline know their father is part of the conspiracy but before that even matters they have to save themselves.

If Lenny and Saline want to live they must complete the missions assigned to them by aliens.

Once on their respective journeys, Lenny meets Michaela, a woman ready to kill for those like her—individuals on the run from a mysterious and homicidal alien. She is visceral and determined to help Lenny, but why she will go to no end to do so will put them in grave danger.

Saline, on the other hand, teams up with a young boy who is also the only person to see on board the alien ship. What he says about the ship is riveting and frightening even beyond her wildest ideas of it. The very nature of the ship is what could very well change everything.

Meanwhile, Dustin remains home preparing for San Pedro’s apparent collapse when he discovers something that could either ruin him or help him through this trying time—his father’s secret stash of living, alien flesh. Now Dustin is left with a decision: trust his father and use the alien skin to his advantage or risk falling victim to ensuing barbarism.

The Reinvention of Man is the second book in the In Blackness Trilogy Like this book? Read online this: In Alien Flesh, Bride of Blackness Castle.

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