In Defense of Global Capitalism

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Johan Norberg's defense of capitalism is not a new book but brings common sense in times of Piketty's fifteen minutes of fame. In Defense of Global Capitalism PDF EBook I have not read Piketty yet but all the debate around his work seems to defy evidence of how millions of people are moving out of poverty year after year thanks to practices close to Capitalism than the Marxism that he defends. Johan Norberg showed, over 10 years before Piketty, case after case how solutions based on the respect of private property and classical liberal ideas have improve the lives of people all over the world. Indeed Norberg argues that more could be done if practices like immigration control and imposition of first world practices on third world were stopped. If Developed countries can care for the environment and reduce child labor is because they have achieved greater success, if we want developing countries to do the same we have to pull them quick instead of hold them back with additional burden. Like this book? Read online this: Tobacco Control in Developing Countries, Global Capitalism and the Future of Agrarian Society.

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