Indigo Adults

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A new type of person is coming into incarnation right now, almost a 'next step' as humanity progresses. Indigo Adults PDF EBook These people are visionary and creative, progressive and independent. They carry new ways of thinking and feeling that hold great promise for the future. You may be familiar with the concept of 'Indigo children, ' and never realized that there are also Indigo adults. Might you be one of them? Perhaps you have wondered why you've often felt different?

Frustrated and dissatisfied with the 'normal' world

Not easily fitting in the system, and often feeling alone, separate, or not understood

A pressing need to contribute to creating a better world

Unusual sensitivities

A deep feeling, thinking, and introspective nature

A powerful longing for 'something more'

"Indigo Adults" helps you identity if you or your children are Indigos, and can help you understand more clearly your nature and purpose here on Earth.

The authors also put into perspective the bigger picture of the changing of an Age and its effect on our current world events.

(See Appendix for list of Indigo characteristics) Like this book? Read online this: Night of the Indigo, Indigo Kids.

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