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I made the executive decision late last night to give up on this book. Inside Al Qaeda PDF EBook::GASP::

This is huge.Big- PDFtime.No joking around.I don’t quit on books.EVER.I could count on one hand the number of books I’ve given up on and not use all five fingers.And two of the times I gave up on a book I ended up going back and rereading it at a later stage in life (Beloved and Wuthering Heights, the first I liked enough to reread twice, the second I still don’t especially like), so I can’t even count those two.

But I’m giving up.I cannot stand to read any more of this book.It takes me 45 minutes to read 10 pages and while I wouldn’t call myself a fast reader, I’m not that slow.Ugh.

This was the worst fucking book I’ve read in a very, very long time (and yeah, I said the F word, bite me).Actually, this was the worst book I’ve read since college, which was the last time I read a mind numbingly dull text book.There was no writing in this book.It was simply 200+ pages of facts all strung together with references to other books and documents the author had found the facts in.

Parts of it reminded me of reading certain passages of the Old Testament: so and so begat so and so who begat so and so who begat so and so who begat so and so who begat so and so…and on and on and on, ad nauseum.Except in the case of this book there would be several inches-long paragraphs of text that would be nothing but foreign-sounding, Middle Eastern names with lots of al’s and el’s and hypens and Muhammed’s and Mohammed’s, all of whom were involved with one terrorist organization or another.I’m not going to remember these names so reading through them was a major waste of my time.

To give the book some credit, yes, the facts were all compiled in one place which means I don’t need to go digging around in 8 kazillion other texts to get some in depth background information about this particular terrorist group and I appreciate that.However, I experienced zero enjoyment and felt no spark of interest in reading this book.The only thing I feel now that I’ve decided to return it to the library even though I only read three-quarters of it is RELIEF that I never have to touch it again.

Another thing that angered me about this book was the size.It was deceptively thin.So when I checked it out from the library, I was like, “oh, this won’t take long to read.It’s under 250 pages, not bad.”Except when I cracked the damn thing open, I realized that I would practically need a magnifying glass to read the words.They were MINISCULE!I’m in my 20’s.I should not have had this much difficulty making out the text in a book but I did.I felt it was totally unnecessary and am convinced the only reason the text was so small was to fool potential readers into thinking this was a “short” book, an “approachable” book, which it isn’t.This book should be closer to 600 pages long for how small/dense the text was.Totally misleading.

I was also royally pissed off by what appears to have been a complete lack of editing in this book.Typos happen.I get it.But the nature of the typos in this edition was really bad.I skimmed over the first several, rolling my eyes but not book marking them because I tend to overlook the first few (I was a Copy Editor for my high school yearbook, I dig it).But after awhile, they really started popping off the page and I couldn’t not keep track of them. Professional publications should not have this many typos, especially of this nature, I’m sorry.

Here are some I book marked when I was actually reading in a place where I could book mark them (not the bus on my daily commute, which is where I get a huge chunk of my daily reading time in):
—In the spectrum of contemporary terrorist leaders Osama bin Laden.has no equal As a leader who… (p. 53)
—Two other others were found in Afghanistan after the collapse of the Taliban regime.(p. 54)
—In retaliation for the imposition of us sanctions against Sudan and later Afghanistan, he reiterated this call.(p. 90)
—There he kept switching from hotel to hotel to avoided going home, until he was arrested by the police in Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) on October 2, 2001.(p. 120)

Laziness!And you know what?For all I know, there are probably tons more that I missed when I was zoning out, which I spent a lot of time doing through the first 166 pages.Good riddance to you, ya shitty ass book! Like this book? Read online this: Best Soccer Defenders Of All Time. Easy to read children soccer books with great graphics. All you need to know about the best soccer defenders in history. (Sport Soccer IQ book for Kids), On the Inside.

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