Inside Girl (Inside Girl, #1)

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EBook Description

Flan Flood has always had her pick of the coolest parties and the cutest designer clothes. Inside Girl (Inside Girl, #1) PDF EBook Her family is legendary in New York City, but she’s sick of her friends just trying to get closer to her hot older brother, Patch.

So when Flan starts a new high school, she decides to reinvent herself as a totally normal girl. The only problem is, Flan’s life is anything but normal. After all, she has a starlet in her bedroom hiding from the paparazzi, the hottest club promoter in NYC camping out on her living room floor, and a beautiful socialite crashing in her guest room.

Flan quickly finds that keeping her crazy social life from her new friends is like keeping a Marc Jacobs sample sale secret- PDFtotally impossible! What will happen when her two worlds collide? Will New York’s ultimate Inside Girl be left…an outsider? Like this book? Read online this: Shadow Girl (The Nightmare Room, #8), The Daisy Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting.

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