Insignia (Insignia Anthology Series #1)

PDF EBook by Kelly Matsuura

EBook Description

INSIGNIA Vol. Insignia (Insignia Anthology Series #1) PDF EBook1 includes 9 Japanese fantasy stories with a mix of urban, literary, contemporary, myth- PDFbased, and historical fantasy pieces.

PART I: Young Adult/Adventure Tales

'Kitsune' by Heather Jensen
'Megumi's Quest' by Joyce Chng
'The Bakeneko' by Holly Kench
'Moon Shadow' by Kelly Matsuura

PART II: Adult/Literary Tales

'Towards the Light' by Aislinn Batstone
'Restoration' by Chris Ward
'Sanctuary' by Chris White
'Becoming Hashihime' by Holly Kench
'The Waiting World' by Kelly Matsuura

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