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Everything from neurons to consciousness in the blink of an eye (which takes 300 milliseconds). Instant Egghead Guide PDF EBook

Take a “fantastic voyage” through the whorls and curves of the human brain, no miniaturization required. Learn everything from how quickly you can possibly think (and that left- PDFhanded people think faster) to why being bad feels so good (yes, there’s a biochemical explanation).

Whether you're a fan of Scientific American’s wildly popular "60-Second Science" podcast or just curious about science, you’re going to love the tingly way your synapses feel after enjoying the same bite-sized knowledge in The Instant Egghead Guide to the Mind. Like this book? Read online this: LET'S PLAY (Det. Jason Strong (Det. Jason Strong(CLEAN SUSPENSE Book 10), It All Changed in an Instant.

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