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In the 1970s, the West Coast feminist art movement coalesced around the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles, founded by artist Judy Chicago. Insurgent Muse PDF EBook Arriving as a young art student in 1976, Terry Wolverton stayed on to become a teacher and co- PDFfounder of the Lesbian Art Project, and eventually, executive director. Her journey—emblematic of many women who sought to redefine themselves in the light of feminism—entails confrontation with the damages of sexism, the pitfalls of utopian community, and the forces of social backlash.

Terry Wolverton is the author of the novel Bailey’s Beads, two collections of poetry, Black Slip and Mystery Bruise. She has also edited numerous anthologies of gay and lesbian fiction, including His and Hers (Vols I-III). Like this book? Read online this: How About Lesbian Sex? Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories, Insurgent (America's Future #2.3).

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