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May 25, 2013

I´ download; ve added "Poison Diaries Announcement!" in the book description. Into the Garden (Poison Diaries, #3) PDF EBook
They´re talking about short stories now..
): just sad

March 08, 2013

So.. I searched for the information and found some. It seems Ms. Wood is not the author of the 3rd book (hers was cancelled), and Ms. Jane, Duchess of Northumberland said on her Facebook page that this year the 3rd book will be released.

Also, I´ve found a text that says the 3rd book is supposed to be adult, not "teen".

I cannot express how sorry I am for Maryrose Wood is not included (there is not a link to the Poison Diaries on her official page anymore) in the final book. I´ve been waiting for the end to come for a long time and to find out:
1) the book 3 was cancelled by the publisher, and then
2) that someone else replaced Ms. Wood

... is really heartbreaking.

I´d rather like the story to end with the 2nd book than this..

I do not have Facebook or Twitter profile so I am able to see only what is set as public (I guess). If anyone has any of that and want to check what´s going on with the book, please share it here on Goodreads.

Duchess of Northumberland´s blog/site:
The Poison Diaries
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