Into the Killing Seas

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When the ship goes down, the sharks come out. Into the Killing Seas PDF EBook...

Stranded in the war torn Pacific, Patrick and his younger brother Teddy are finally homeward- PDFbound. They've stowed away on one of the US Navy's finest ships, and now they just need to stay hidden. But Japanese torpedoes rip their dream apart.

And the sinking ship isn't the worst of it. Patrick and Teddy can handle hunger and dehydration as they float in the water and wait to be rescued. If they're smart, they can even deal with the madness that seems to plague their fellow survivors. No, the real danger circles beneath the surface. And it has teeth....

Based on the true events of the 1945 sinking of the USS Indianapolis, author Michael P. Spradlin tells a harrowing story of World War II. Like this book? Read online this: Adventures in the Moonlight. Story by Patrick Hunt, Half Seas Under.

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