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When we die our body remains behind on this planet, but where does our real self—soul, spirit, consciousness—go? Some argue that we do not know the answer, that we cannot know because nobody has ever returned to tell us. Intra Muros PDF EBook Is this true? Spiritualist literature is full of accounts transmitted from beyond, through the minds and pens of those who have the ability to receive such information. In addition, we have countless near- PDFdeath testimonies, among which this classic 1898 work, Intra Muros, can be categorized.

Its author, Rebecca Ruter Springer, was born in 1832 in Indiana, Indianapolis, the daughter of a Methodist clergyman. Her vision of heaven was received as she lay unconscious suffering from a near-fatal illness. For well over a hundred years her inspiring descriptions of reunions with her family and friends on the other side have given hope to many who believed their loved ones to be lost forever. Her story is told through a Christian lens and uses biblical terminology, but the truths it contains are universal and reflect the Christ teachings rather than particular interpretations or practices associated with them.

Concerning heavenly churches, Mrs. Springer’s writes:
“But I saw no churches of any kind. At first this somewhat confused me, until I remembered that there are no creeds in heaven, but that all worship together in harmony and love—the children of one and the same loving Father. “Ah,” I thought, “what a pity that that fact, if no other in the great economy of heaven, could not be proclaimed to the inhabitants of earth! How it would do away with the petty contentions, jealousies and rivalries of the church militant! No creeds in heaven! No controverted points of doctrine! No charges of heresy brought by one professed Christian against another! No building up of one denomination upon the ruins or downfall of a different sect! But one great universal brotherhood whose head is Christ, and whose cornerstone is Love.”

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Intra Muros is one of a collection of clairvoyantly-received accounts of the afterlife included in the LIFE ON OTHER WORLDS SERIES. These works provide firsthand glimpses of places we are destined to visit or inhabit when our lives on Earth are over, told by those who are already there. Like this book? Read online this: Heaven And Earth, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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