Introducing Theologies of Religions

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The central problem that this book explores is religious pluralism. Introducing Theologies of Religions PDF EBook The book presents an overview of models for how Christians should relate to and interact with people of other religious/spiritual traditions. The book suggests that there are four basic models/views for this interaction: 1. the Replacement model, which insists that an encounter with Christ demands some sort of change or replacement, 2. the Fulfillment model, which sees Christianity as the medium which will deliver fulfillment to those of other traditions, 3. the Mutuality model which seeks common ground with those of other traditions as the basis of dialogue, and 4. the Acceptance model which stresses the importance of real differences among traditions. Overall, I thought that the book presented a very good introduction to these models (I have not done justice to the models in trying to boil each of them down to a single phrase in this review), and the concluding suggestion that even within Christianity there is room for inter- PDFdenominational diversity and dialogue, even between proponents of these various models, is intriguing. A good read for any Christ follower thinking about and seeking to understand religious pluralism in today's world. Like this book? Read online this: Model Crime (Nancy Drew: Girl Detective, #36; Model Mystery Trilogy, #1), Dramatizing Theologies.

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