Introduction to Calculus and Analysis

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From the reviews: "Volume 1 covers a basic course in real analysis of one variable and Fourier series. Introduction to Calculus and Analysis PDF EBook It is well- PDFillustrated, well-motivated and very well-provided with a multitude of unusually useful and accessible exercises. (...) There are three aspects of Courant and John in which it outshines (some) contemporaries: (i) the extensive historical references, (ii) the chapter on numerical methods, and (iii) the two chapters on physics and geometry. The exercises in Courant and John are put together purposefully, and either look numerically interesting, or are intuitively significant, or lead to applications. It is the best text known to the reviewer for anyone trying to make an analysis course less abstract. (...)" The Mathematical Gazette (75.1991.471) Like this book? Read online this: Handbook of Numerical Analysis, Volume 11, Introduction to Finite Element Analysis.

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