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I love this series. Inubaka PDF EBook The art is fantastic, the dogs are adorable — and Suguri is one of the most likeable people I've seen. (Okay, she's also rather unrealistic, but hey. :P) In volume 8, a thunderstorm causes Lupin to run away (and get lost, though I thought dogs were supposed to have a good sense of smell...maybe the rain messed things up), and Suguri spends all her efforts on finding him.

Little touches here and there, like a scene on how Lupin was as a puppy (Adorable! puppy in her bag~), how Lupin smells like natto when he's dirty (heh), the song (PSG! wonder how they sound..) Suguri makes for Lupin...all I'm upset about is that I read manga so fast! ^^ Like this book? Read online this: Lupin III, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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