Is the Reformation Over?

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This is a compelling analysis of Roman Catholicism through an evangelical Protestant perspective. Is the Reformation Over? PDF EBook While the authors acknowledge that the various strands of Protestantism make a unified assessment difficult (for instance, Anglicans will be more accepting of Catholic ecclesiology and liturgy than Pentecostals, Pentecostals tend to be more open to the supernatural, charismatic element of Catholicism than Anglicans), they do an excellent job of appreciating the nuances of Protestant thought in relation to Rome. They address historical developments that have improved Catholic- PDFProtestant relations, especially the momentous achievements of Vatican II and explore how Catholics and evangelicals have been able to come together towards the common goal of proclaiming Christ crucified. Near the end of the book, the authors give a succinct summary of the main difference between Catholics and Protestants; download; while Catholics think foremost as the church as being made up of believers, Protestants think foremost as believers making up the church. Like this book? Read online this: Protestant Worship, Reformation of the Dead.

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