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Ivor Horton is self- PDFemployed in consultancy and writes programming tutorials. Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2008 PDF EBook He started out as a mathematician, but shortly after graduating, he was lured into messing about with computers by a well-known manufacturer. Horton's experience at IBM includes programming in most languages (like assembler and high-level languages on a variety of machines), real-time programming, and designing and implementing real-time closed loop industrial control systems. He has extensive experience teaching programming to engineers and scientists (Fortran, PL/1, APL, etc.). Horton is an expert in mechanical, process, and electronic CAD systems; download; mechanical CAM systems; and DNC/CNC systems. He has spent many happy years programming occasionally useful applications in a variety of languages as well as teaching mainly scientists and engineers to do likewise. He has extensive experience in applying computers to problems in engineering design and to manufacturing operations in a wide range of industries. He is the author of a number of tutorial books on programming in C, C++, and Java. When not writing programming books or providing advice to others, he leads a life of leisure.

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