Java Enterprise in a Nutshell

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Java Enterprise in a Nutshell is an indispensable quick reference for Java programmers who are writing distributed enterprise applications. Java Enterprise in a Nutshell PDF EBook The book provides fast- PDFpaced tutorials on the following Java Enterprise APIs:

JDBC, a vendor-independent API for accessing relational database systems RMI, a Java-only approach to distributed computing that relies on remote method invocation Java IDL, a CORBA-based, language-independent approach to distributed computing Java servlets, a mechanism for extending a web server that allows Java code to perform tasks traditionally handled by CGI scripts JNDI, a generic Java API for working with networked naming and directory services
Enterprise JavaBeans, a component model that separates high-level business logic from low-level housekeeping chores like security and transaction management These APIs are the building blocks of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Sun's recently announced new platform for enterprise computing. J2EE is the standard Java 2 platform with a number of extensions for enterprise development.

Java Enterprise in a Nutshell also contains O'Reilly's classic-style, quick-reference material for all of the classes in the various packages that comprise the Enterprise APIs. This material includes the core Enterprise APIs that are part of Java 1.2, as well as numerous standard extensions.

This book is a companion to both Java in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, which covers the key non-graphical, non-enterprise APIs in Java 1.2, and Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell, which describes the graphics- and GUI-related classes of Java 1.2. Like this book? Read online this: Core Java Volume I--Fundamentals (9th Edition), Taxation of S Corporations in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell.

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