Jesus Wept

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In the first book to discuss depression from a faith perspective, Barbara Crafton expertly weaves personal stories and helpful resources to explore depression as it is affected (for both better and worse) by Christian faith. Jesus Wept PDF EBook She contends that it is harder for people of faith to come to terms with depression since they may attribute its causes to something they have done, rather than to its true root in physiology and genetics. This is a book people will want to buy for themselves and give loved ones who are suffering from depression and wondering where God is during their pain and suffering.

Barbara C. Crafton (Metuchen, NJ) is an Episcopal priest, spiritual director, and author. She is the founder and head of the Geranium Farm (, an online institute for the promotion of spiritual growth. Like this book? Read online this: WHAT DOES FAITH LOOK LIKE (The Faith Project Book 1), Encuentro Con Jesus = Encounter with Jesus.

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