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Humorous contemporary fiction. Jumper and the Bones PDF EBook In the tradition of Huck Finn, a big hearted but uneducated 28 year old narrator (nicknamed 'Jumper') tells of his adventures protecting Holly (the nurse who lives upstairs in his building) from a dangerous gang ("the Bones"). This involves some detective work, which Jumper is familiar with because he watches TV.

If you hate bad grammar, this ain't the book for you. Jumper writes like he talks.The Bones have knives and guns, but Jumper is creative with duct tape. Plus, his hobby is jumping off of things, like garages and trees, which surprises you if you ain't expecting a guy to jump off the garage at you. He also likes to draw, and gives art therapy lessons to a little girl in the hospital with cancer. When it looks like the Bones want to hurt her, that's about the last straw for Jumper. A guy can only stay all James Bond cool for so long, and you really ain't that smart if you pick a fight with a guy who jumps off garages for fun.

Probably will appeal to young adults who don't mind mild violence and mildly offensive language. Nothing in it worse than you see or hear on network TV. So far, it appeals (oddly) to writers and fans of literary fiction who appreciate some of the subtle language humor Jumper stumbles across and steps into.

By the author of There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings; download; the Land of Debris and the Home of Alfredo; Joy Writing: Discover and Develop Your Creative Voice; and co author of Calculus for Cats (with Jim Loats, Ph.D) and Algebra Unplugged (also with Jim Loats, Ph.D).

It has not been published in a paper version— I'm putting it on the Kindle at a low introductory price to test the waters. It's an odd book; some readers have loved it, others can't get past the quirky style.

I think it would be the absolutely perfect book to read on an airplane or train or bus, when you want something easy, a little different, entertaining and funny, but you don't want to invest a bunch of money or time. For example, if you were considering a James Patterson book, or a Stephen King book, or a JK Rowling book, I'd recommend this one instead. It's nothing like them, and aren't you ready to read something that everyone else hasn't read? Aren't you ready to be the FIRST of your friends to read something instead of the LAST? Wouldn't it be cool to be one of the first to read it, and then it became a big hit. Yes. Yes it would. Like this book? Read online this: Luke Zane and the Claim Jumper, Luke Zane and the Claim Jumper.

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