Kathleen's Surrender

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"I know that you will fall madly, helplessly in love with me," dashing Dawson Blakely murmured in Kathleen's delicate ear. Kathleen's Surrender PDF EBook Though she knew it was wrong to encourage the gambler's attentions, the curvaceous beauty couldn't keep her heart from racing nor stop the blush that spread from her velvety cheeks to her full, heaving bosom.

The innocent young woman tried not to feel the virile man's hard body next to her soft skin; download; she knew she ought to slap away the strong hands encircling her tiny waist. But she had always wondered what it was like to fall in love. Without a second thought, she yielded to the magic of passion's splendor and swooned to the ecstasy of KATHLEEN'S SURRENDER Like this book? Read online this: Love Me Strong (Love Curses, #3), Kathleen Kirkwood Sampler #2.

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