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It deeply disturbs me to place this book, a true story, in the "royally- PDFsucked" category and unlike with others that I have placed here, I do hope that a bad review will not send the author hurtling off a cliff or reduce him to a puddle of tears on the floor. Keeping the Promise PDF EBook Not that my opinion is so very significant, but sometimes I feel very guilty criticizing other peoples' hard work.

The beginning and middle of this book was very touching. A proud, strong rabbi at Bergen-Belsen leads a bar mitzvah ceremony for a teenage boy who didn't get to have his before he was sent to the concentration camp. The rabbi gives him a tiny scroll with the words of the Torah on it that has always meant a lot to him; download; he has always carried it everywhere he went, including while in the concentration camp.

The rabbi dies and the boy survives. That is where the story took a not-so-beautiful turn for me. I mean, I'm so very thankful this boy survived but the rabbi DIED when he gave up possession of his good luck charm. Is there any symbolism in this? Didn't the rabbi (I keep typing rabbit, heh) give the boy enough of a gift with his coming of age ceremony; did he have to give him his LIFE too? Did the scroll REALLY have powers of good luck? This to me, is the story; the turn it took seemed pointless after that.

The boy is freed and grows up to become a university professor. He always keeps the scroll that meant so much to him. Then one day he meets an astronaut. No, really. And he tells the astronaut the story of his scroll and the astronaut, when he is about to go into space, calls him up and says "Hey, Prof. Mind if I release that Torah that meant so much to you into space?" And Prof says "Sure! It's not like I have any great attachment to it; go ahead and make it space junk!"

And that is what the astronaut did. He cosmicly littered and made SPACE JUNK out of a holy relic that survived the Holocaust and was giving to a young survivor in an act of supreme love and sacrifice from a stranger.

But that's not all. Upon reentry into the earth's atmosphere, the astronaut was INCINERATED just like the last guy that gave up the scroll. That's what God thinks of your intergalactic holy trash dump. I mean, am I the only person who misses the great beauty in this story? This item needed to be in a museum for other people to learn its story; it did not need to float through space where no one would ever see it again. And the guy that did it DIED. Just like the guy that gave up the scroll in the first place.

I learned two lessons from this story:
1. Don't litter.
2. God is vengeful.

Great book, I recommend it to everyone.
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