King of the Khyber Rifles

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Serialized in Everybody's Magazine, May 1916 ff. King of the Khyber Rifles PDF EBook (9 parts)
First book edition published by Bobbs- PDFMerrill, Indianapolis, 1916

King — of the Khyber Rifles may well be Mundy's most famous work. Set in India and the regions beyond, it was successful enough so that two movies were adapted from its pages, although neither portrayed Athelstan King as Mundy intended him. And neither evoked the fantasy and mysticism that are so much a part of this book.Somewhere beyond India, on a quest for the remote and half-fabled Khinjan Caves, King meets a cast of characters that includes the Princess Yasmini, Ismail, Darya Khan, and various hakims, rangars, and mullahs. And deep in the unknown caverns lie "the sleepers", about whom a marvelous and fantastic tale is spun Like this book? Read online this: When A King Of Hearts Meets A Queen Of Diamonds, Sniper Rifles.

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