Kissing Sweet, and A Day for Surprises

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KISSING SWEET. Kissing Sweet, and A Day for Surprises PDF EBook First presented on New York's Channel 13 (Educational Television) as part of FOUL!, a special program on pollution and conservation, this madcap spoof of TV advertising has been specially adapted and expanded by the author for stage presentation. Antic and wildly funny in its approach, the play offers both a good- PDFhumored comment on our national preoccupation with deodorants and hair sprays, and also a sobering revelation of the self-justifying defensiveness with which our worst polluters excuse and perpetuate their actions. (2 men, 2 women.)

A DAY FOR SURPRISES. Zany and absurdist in style, this hilarious short play deals with the surprising day on which one of the stone lions in front of New York's Public Library left its perch long enough to devour one of the lady librarians. The victim was also the fiance of a fellow worker whose grief leads to an enormously funny recounting of their brief liaison. But, as the satiated lion resumes his customary perch, consolation is at hand in the form of another lady librarian, and we are aware that still more surprises are likely to come as life goes on its unpredictable way. (1 man, 1 woman.)" Like this book? Read online this: 1300+ Funny Animal Jokes (Clean Joke Book for Kids - FREE Gift Included!) (Clean Joke Book for Kids - FREE Gift Included!): 1300+ Funny and Clean Animal Jokes for Kids (Funny and Hilarious Joke Books for Children), Threesome Surprises (What the Hell Is Going On???).

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