Lady Sparrow

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I adore these old trads, with the great story their pack in such a small book, and Lady Sparrow with it's wit and charm is just plain delightful with a somewhat sad back story, but it just showcased the strength of the young heroine Minerva Caldwell, whose been used as a pawn by her father and later her husband's family- PDF but no more when she learns about her husband's many illegitimate children that takes her own a road that could either break or heal her heart. Lady Sparrow PDF EBook

Along the ride is a fun hero who sets out to help Mina any way he can. Lord Lowell is oh so sweet, being a rare bespectacled hero, and smart and doesn't fall back on his rank of being the son of a Duke, but stands on his own two feet as an investigator.

The story is sweet and charming with not alot of angst, the villain is stale but he was more of a background figure with Lowell and Mina being center stage as the gather information and track down the children.

A real fun and relaxing trad regency to curl up with any day. Like this book? Read online this: Back in Her Husband's Bed, The Little Sparrow.

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