Lafayette and the American Revolution

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Impressed. Lafayette and the American Revolution PDF EBook It seems to me that history usually has two readers, those who know little about the subject and those on their way to expert status. This book offers something for both. Freedman adroitly positions Layfayette to capture the sympathies of the reader and enhance a fresh view of the American Revolution. Layfayette is very young,(19) with little knowledge of America and almost as little military experience. His alliance with the revolutionaries and his commission as a major general, when he had no battle experience, were reckless and improbable. In following Layfayette, from his month- PDFlong hard-treck to Philadelphia to his fresh eyed-view of early losses in battle the reader sees the American revolution, accurately I think, as the fragile enterprise it was. This makes it infinitely more interesting. It's hard to care about a story whose ending in never in doubt. The early defeats, Layfayette's bravery and wound, the campaigns where he overcame obstacles and the campaigns where obstacles overcame him, all set us up to perceive the revolution as an adventure where decisions and luck mattered and it could have gone either way. The final chapters describing Layfayette and his families suffering during the aftermath of the French revolution are poignant. Equally moving is the fact he had himself buried in American soil. An exciting adventure and well told tale that brings alive it's subject. The book is beautifully designed with lots if illustrations. A timeline, source notes, Bibliography, picture credits, and extensive index enhance value. Like this book? Read online this: The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution Or, Illustrations by Pen and Pencil of the History, Biography, Scenery, Relics and Traditions, The American Revolution.

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