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"strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for government"- PDF Monty Python

But I suppose our current system isn't much of an improvement. Lancelot PDF EBook..

So Lancelot was grabbed as a baby/child/something by the Lady of the Lake and...

Well, color me confused.The monk/friar/priest/whatever he was, was convinced that Avalon was a real place, closely hidden, and the people were human.And yet...well, SOMEthing weird was going on.

Mordred is Gawain's brother?Eh?Well, there are two others in the series so maybe some clarification will occur, particularly since one of the other two is about Gawain.

Guinevere was ah...not romantically attached to Lancelot - at least in this work.Rather, her attachment was a bit more...Ok, apparently her mother decided to remain with Lancelot's father as his mistress rather than return to her husband.Yeah.

Now to the meat of the story.Lancelot is having issues - caught between Guinevere and Arthur (who didn't know the truth about their relationship), falling for the h, his whole entanglement with the Lady...The book spans several years, though there is some skipping due to circumstances.At least, unlike most medievals I've read, she and her keep weren't handed over to him as an award for him to whip into shape (gag, puke)Rather, they were kept apart by things largely beyond their control, and he treated her as a knight should - in my view anyway.So, the book was a bit confusing but the lack of triggers plus an interesting premise made up for any shortcomings. Like this book? Read online this: Lancelot, Lancelot in Love.

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