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Language in Social Life is a major series which highlights the importance of language to an understanding of issues of social and professional concern. Language and Power PDF EBook It will be of practical relevance to all those wanting to understand how the ways we communicate both influence and are influenced by the structures and forces of contemporary social institutions.

Language and Power was first published in 1989 and quickly established itself as a ground- PDFbreaking book. Its popularity continues as an accessible introductory text to the field of Discourse Analysis, focusing on:

how language functions in maintaining and changing power relations in modern society the ways of analysing language which can reveal these processes how people can become more conscious of them, and more able to resist and change them
The question of language and power is still important and urgent in the twenty-first century, but there have been substantial changes in social life during the past decade which have somewhat changed the nature of unequal power relations, and therefore the agenda for the critical study of language. In this new edition, Norman Fairclough brings the discussion fully up-to-date and covers the issue of 'globalisation' of power relations and the development of the internet in relation to Language and Power. The bibliography has also been fully updated to include important new reference material. Like this book? Read online this: Relations and Functions within and around Language, Cross-Linguistic Influences in the Second Language Lexicon. Second Language Acquisition 17.

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