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My undergraduate thesis having been about the scholarly debates concerning the origins of gnosticism, I jumped at opportunities to pursue the study later on while at seminary in New York City. Latin Christianity, Its Founder (Ante- PDFNicene Fathers, Vol 3) PDF EBookThere, at UTS, I had two professors who were expert in the field:Cyril Richardson and Elaine Pagels.

Dr. Richardson was elderly and my conversations with him were confined to in- and after-class hours.Pagels, however, was one of my girlfriend's favorite professors at Barnard College down the street and, thanks to her, I got to meet her socially on her own turf—a party or two at her apartment in the neighborhood.Then, a bit later, she came to teach a course at Union.

The class was ostensibly about Genesis creation myths.I did the readings, but, as I explained to Pagels, I had really enrolled in it so I could do further research about the gnostics and obtain her criticism of my work.She kindly agreed to let me go my own way so far as the term paper was concerned.

What I did, among other things, was to read the contents of the ten-volume Ante-Nicene Fathers series, picking out and compiling all text relevant to gnostics and gnosticism.The result was an encyclopedia of all such references and a paper entitled "On the Procession of the Heresiarchs of Gnosis", a sort of child's first golden book of gnosticism.It was certainly helpful for me as these patristic sources were among our only sources about the gnostic tendencies prior to the forties.I hope it may also have served Dr. Pagels as well as a handy reference.

Of the patristic sources, Tertullian, particularly his Against Marcion, is, along with Irenaeus of Lyon's Against Heresies, one of the most important early sources in the Western Church.Of the Christian "gnostics", Marcion is especially prominent in representing what one might call a radical Pauline theology not far removed from what most scholars regard as characteristic of what they term "gnostic".

Tertullian also happens to be quite the curmudgeon, sometimes unintentionally amusing in his extremist heat. Like this book? Read online this: Sources of the Western Tradition, The Liturgy And Ritual Of The Ante Nicene Church.

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