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DNF when I hit the 35 % mark (prostate exam before having sex). Lawless (Fearless, #1- PDF2) PDF EBook I was bored as all get out and I'm going to make this short and painless.

The more I read the less I liked Lawless. I didn't like the writing, the narrative was blah blah and the opposite of compelling, stilted dialogue, no emotional texture, no depth, and I couldn't feel the chemistry between the MC's either. And the sex? Yeah, I know how to do the deed, and I don't need a manual either. However, I need to feel some sparks flying, some nice tension, just give me something that would have made me want to get all hot and bothered. Oh well, dream on, baby. I really couldn't connect to the MC's and my interest just petered out. BTW, the comparison between cum and chocolate was a no-go for me (I'm a huge chocolate lover). Well, and then have you ever heard of a c*ck as big as an orange? Maybe I'm living under a rock but I didn't know that an orange is shaped like a phallus.

Considering that Colton and Diego love each other and are having a sexual relationship, I just have to share this with you:

He wasn't even a gay man, not to hear him tell it. He was a man and a doctor and those were the only labels he wanted. F*ck the world that wanted to stick a label on him. He defined himself. It only mattered to him, and was no one else's business.


No comment.

Oh, and this one here is even better yet:

"Diego, you're not doing a prostate exam while you're back there, are you? I mean, that will totally f*ck up the mood!"
"I know you haven't had a physical in awhile. Just relax, lean back against me. It'll just take a second."
"Diego, goddammit! Just…"
"Fine, fine." He pulled his finger out and peeled the glove off. "Not enlarged."

Riiiiiight. Jesus. I mean…seriously??? *rolls eyes* O__0

Oh, that's how I feel at the moment. Tired and bored. Sweet dreams, cutie pie.




guys. You lose. Onwards to the next one.
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