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It's a hefty volume, at 600+ pages. League PDF EBook I actually owned this book at one time, and maybe I still do. I acquired it when I was 12 or so because I thought, "Football? I'll read about football." But it was a little too dense for my young mind.

The book is actually more about football the business than football the game. It's an interesting read if you're interested in such things. If not, then it's probably not for you. Basically it chronicles the off- PDFthe-field history of the NFL from about 1972 through 1984. The main characters of the book are Raiders owner Al Davis and commissioner Pete Rozelle, as the central storyline of the book is Davis plotting to move his team from Oakland to Los Angeles, and the lawsuit that ensued.

There were plenty of other storylines as well regarding the owners of other teams and their shenanigans. The Sullivans getting Massachusetts law changed so they could regain control of the Patriots, the Eagles owner nearly having his team seized by creditors, Bob Irsay's decadelong quest to get the Colts out of Baltimore, the Rams and their questionable connection with shady characters in scalping Super Bowl tickets, Art Modell and a dizzying array of financial transactions regarding the Browns and their stadium, and plenty of disagreements between the owners on policies such as cross-ownership with other professional sports leagues and the ability to move their team to another city. And also the stadium issue, with owners attempting to get the public to finance facilities to generate new revenue for their teams.

I also learned a few fun facts, such as the fact that the New Orleans Saints exist because the NFL needed help getting the NFL-AFL merger through Congress in 1967 and gave the city a team in exchange for help from a couple of Louisiana senators.

It's also ironic that the main issue of the book, the NFL's right to control what teams play in Los Angeles, is pretty much moot, since Al Davis went back to Oakland anyways and there hasn't been a team in Los Angeles for a decade and the league is doing just fine.

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