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I loved both Deafening and Remembering the Bones. Leaning, Leaning Over Water PDF EBook This is an earlier work by Itani and I thought it was a collection of short stories but was pleased to discover that it is in fact a novel told in short story format. I can say that this author has not disappointed me yet. I loved the black and white photos at the beginning of some sections.
Born in the mid- PDFfifties, my childhood memories are mainly of the sixties but this novel set in the fifties was still a nostalgic read.Itani is a very observant writer.Paris paté download; sandwiches, cartons of Neapolitan ice cream, licorice pipes… I remember my friend’s mother rolling cigarettes just as described. All these things, along with the references to Ottawa and Hull added to the verisimilitude of this novel for me.About the Kings, an Anglo Ontario family who move to a small Quebec village when their father has to look for work, the story is mostly narrated by the middle child Trude.It’s about childhood, its perceptions and its long days of freedom, family life and the cultural differences that surround this family.
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