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Liked this book more than Geri's! Written a few years after the Spice Craze, we get more of Victorias life. Learning to Fly PDF EBook In fact the whole Spice girls thing seems a very small part of the book. Victoria was never my favourite Spice Girl, if fact I don't know anyone who liked Posh spice best and she writes that she knew this and that must have been a hard thing to come to terms with. But she seems to deal with it quiet well even repeating mean things the press wrote about her saying she had 'less talent then a coconut'. I've jumped between liking her and thinking she's an attention seeker/brand Beckham. My feelings of her have always been generated by the press, which is dumb because whenever I've seen her on tv, she's been funny. She's funny in this book. And she tells her story really well. The stuff she went through with Brooklyn and the threats is horrible. What sad little people out there. I didn't like her bodyguard from the beginning, something wasn't right there. This book has made me want to buy her solo album. :D Yay Posh Spice. Like this book? Read online this: Add a Little Spice, Learning Platforms and Learning Outcomes.

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