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I don’t read autobiographies as a rule so I don't have much grounds for comparison. Leaving a Doll's House PDF EBook

Bloom sometimes sums up characters very well, as she does with Olivier (a boring man when not speaking other people’s lines) and Anthony Quinn, a revolting individual in every way. Her daughter, Anna Steiger, is a singer. Her mother makes much of the prizes she won. I had never heard of her before but that’s not surprising since she seems to sing opera most of the time.

She did not behave so well in her life. After forming extremely critical views of Quinn she slept with him – a man she couldn’t stand! How sad is that? And she certainly treated her daughter very badly, allowing her husband, Philip Roth, to dictate if and when she could see her. The author is aware of these short- PDFcomings but that doesn’t make them alright. On the other hand, there’s no point writing an autobiography if you aren’t prepared to come clean, and you have to admire her for being so honest.

This book is mostinteresting when dealing with her marriage to Philip Roth.She is clearly an intelligent person with a knack for making bad decisions in her personal life. After a string of affairs with married men, usually fellow actors she was playing with – or playing under – she married Rod Steiger, then an unsavoury guy called Elkins. But marrying Roth was an act of extreme stupidity – there was a great deal of evidence from his own hand as to what he was really like. It is a good account of being married to a manipulative psycho and details her own ludicrous passivity in the face of endless provocation. There is a fair bit of psycho-analysis in this section of the book, somewhat more analytical than anything which precedes it. My guess is she got some of this from her own analyst. Some of the generalities I don’t like. Women lacking a father seek out a father-figure in a lover. They do? All of them? It’s a bit deterministic and mechanical for my taste. No doubt there are cases, no doubt there are exceptions.
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