Legally Correct Fairy Tales

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This book was interesting to read, but not great. Legally Correct Fairy Tales PDF EBook I think the author had a little too much fun with the puns for my tastes, they got tiring after a while. I also think the legal aspect was a nice twist, but it also was taken too far so that the stories got a little boring when they went on too long. It was a nice concept and a fun read at times, but the stories were still incredibly similar to the originals so it wasn't surprising to read, if that makes sense. I think what makes new versions of fairy tales and such interesting is when they are revisited in a way that changes them, but also keeps elements the same. The differences allow for surprises, but the similarities give something for the reader to catch. In this book of fairy tales, the majority were exactly the same and didn't leave for a lot of surprise so I found I could only read it in small doses. Overall, it was a nice twist on the classic fairy tales, but it could have been better. Like this book? Read online this: The Sesame Street Book of Fairy Tales, First Fairy Tales.

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