Leo Cockroach

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Ever heard a good story about a roach? Me neither! Well that was until I read this book. Leo Cockroach PDF EBookThe story tells of Leo, a cockroach that lives in a toy factory.Since Leo lives there, he takes it upon himself to test the toys for enjoyment and safety. Th other occupant by his home, a human, is not too fond when she sees Leo running around in her office.Often she tries to kill him! What kind of person tries to kill a roach? However, in the end she learns to appreciate Leo and what he has done for her toy company.Leo lives!
This book is longer and denser than the usual picture book, but it has some great components in it.The story contains a roach with human characteristics, and this is a great discussion starter about characters and personalities and features.This can also lead to talk about things being different than they seem. Who would picture a roach doing good?The story also has illustrations that can be used for predictions and mental imagery.Another great feature is the story's use of onomatopoeia! WHat a great way to practice the spelling and phonics of "Splat", "boom", or "bang" !
Overall, this book would be a great for a read aloud and it is possible that the students may become fond of the occasional classroom critters. :) Like this book? Read online this: The Story Behind F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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