Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse

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Synopsis: "Internationally renowned horse trainers pays tribute to the horse that became his teacher. Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse PDF EBook"

My Review: There were definitely things I liked and didn't like about this book. First the things I wasn't too thrilled about, the book was very repetitive, I felt like I kept reading the same line over and over again, or the same paragraph in a slightly different wording. The second was that the book reads a good portion of the time like the author is giving a lecture or speech instead of sharing a story.Now on to the things I really liked, first of there is no doubt who the narrator is, his voice comes through the writing (no really the entire book I could hear it as I read the book).He also made me really regret giving up my life of working with horses to sit at an office desk job and have a family, I definitely miss that connection with the animals. I really enjoyed the tidbits of stories he told about Buck, you can definitely imagine Buck's body language as he attempts to communicate with Mark. There are definitely some great lessons and gems of lines scattered throughout the story but it takes some work to get to them. If I could read it again I would maybe skip the afterword because it seemed to swerve way off topic. Like this book? Read online this: Strong Family, Strong Child, Driving Lessons For Life.

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