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This book is for anyone who wants to support computer peripherals under the Linux operating system or who wants to develop new hardware and run it under Linux. Linux Device Drivers PDF EBook Linux is the fastest- PDFgrowing segment of the UNIX market and is winning over enthusiastic adherents in many application areas. This book reveals information that heretofore has been passed by word-of-mouth or in cryptic source code comments, showing how to write a driver for a wide range of devices.

You don't have to be a kernel hacker to understand and enjoy this book; download; all you need is an understanding of C and some background in UNIX system calls. Drivers for character devices, block devices, and network interfaces are all described in step-by-step form and are illustrated with full-featured examples that show driver design issues, which can be executed without special hardware.

For those who are curious about how an operating system does its job, this book provides insights into address spaces, asynchronous events, and I/O.

Portability is a major concern in the text. The book is centered on version 2.0, but also covers 1.2.13 and experimental versions up to 2.1.43. You are also told how to maximize portability among hardware platforms.

Contents include:

Building a driver and loading modules Complete character, block, and network drivers Debugging a driver Timing Memory management and DMA Interrupts Portability issues Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) A tour of kernel internals Like this book? Read online this: Pro Linux System Administration, The Pocket Guide to Lgv Drivers' Hours & Tachograph Law.

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