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Very readable. Listening for the Heartbeat of God PDF EBookNewell discusses the differences between the theologies of Pelagius and Augustine, and how the former influenced Celtic Christianity, which blended with the pre- PDFexisting Druid religion.Augstine's idea of sin being transmitted from one generation to the next through sex, [which brought about the need for things like the immaculate conception of Mary, something the author does not mention:], was later extended by Calvin to say that humankind was "totally depraved."This contrasted to the Pelagian/Celtic view that God's creation, including humans, was esentially good, but had been tainted or corrupted by sin.Thus, in the Calvinistic view, a conversion to Christianity brings to the believer something they never had before.In the Pelagian/Celtic view, it restores the believer to what had been there all along but was hidden or corrupted.

The author notes that the Roman authorities endorsed the Augustinian view over the Pelagian, and that such support served their purposes for political control, since the Pelagian view, if extended to its application to real world living, would lead the believer to think that once restored, he/she did not need a central authority.The Augustine/Calvin view lends itself to the thinking of the church as the supplier of God's grace, and that since the beliver is getting something new, not something they already had, they have to stay connected and submissive.

Comment:Given the scientific knowledge gained since the time of all of these church leaders, it seems that the Pelagian/Celtic view offers a chance for Christianity to be relevant in a way that the Augustinian/Calvin view does not.We now separate biology and philosophy in a way that Augustine did not - although one might ask the question if the human genome has some DNA that makes us prone to be murderous.And there is a theory that there is a gene for philandering among some men.[Monogamy is more stable, but fertility is increased through philandering.I guess it is the human equivalent of cowbirds.:]But in general today's society seems to conclude that we learn our morals separate from our biology - which makes the Celtic view, that we are God's creation, and basically good because He made us, still accessible for those who want to seek meaning and purpose in life through religious means.

Additionally, it is interesting to incorporate some of the things mentioned in "Guns, Germs, and Steel" in to the analyis.The Celts were much more tribal than their continental counterparts.So when the two cultures finally did combine around 700 A.D., the continental empire, which was much stronger, was also a "nation" and demanded more organization and central control, thus supplanting the the more tribal Pelagian interpretation of the scriptures.
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