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This book has been my companion for 15+ years. Listening to Your Life PDF EBookOne of my favorite entries is August 3, entitled "Wine".

I quote it here:
Unfermented grape juice is a bland and pleasant drink, especially on a warm afternoon mixed half- PDFand-half with ginger ale.It is a ghastly symbol of the life blood of Jesus Christ, especially when it is served in antiseptic, thimble-sized glasses.

Wine is booze, which means it is dangerous and drunk-making.It makes the timid brave and the reserved amorous. It loosens the tongue and breaks the ice especially when served in a loving cup.It kills germs.As symbols go, it is a rather splendid one.
******************************************* Like this book? Read online this: The Wine Curmudgeon's Guide to Cheap Wine, Listening for God, Vol. 3.

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