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Everything anyone could possibly wonder about famous books and writers is in this collection of more than 300 lists—authors who wrote standing up, famous last words, writers who couldn’t spell, unusual work habits, sexual peccadilloes, unintended double entendres in the classics, bad reviews of future classics, and even writers who were spies. Literary Trivia PDF EBook Find out about the weird and wonderful behavior of all these wordsmiths such as the poet who, while at Trinity College, Cambridge, kept a bear in his rooms because there was a rule against keeping dogs or cats; download; or the poet who tied a cat to a kite during a thunderstorm in the hope of seeing it electrocuted. The fascinating facts found within will inspire bibliophiles to read—or reread—some of those classics! Like this book? Read online this: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Big Finish Classics, #5), Chess Trivia.

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