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It took me awhile to find this book, I thought it was the one written by Jones but I read this one years ago. Little Lost Angel PDF EBook This was a sick sick true crime, there is just something so unnatural about children who kill. It's not that adults murdering is natural, but society tends to see children as pure. I was still a teenager when I read this and I honestly felt then, and now, no sympathy for the killers. I know we can examine their backgrounds (as is done in "Cruel Sacrafice" by Aphrodite Jones) but there are many people in the world, countless numbers of victims who do not turn to murdering. It's hard as a human being to even want to understand what drives someone (especially so young) to kill, and worse TORTURE another soul. The human mind is a place we really need to explore but without glorifying the acts. It's scary to know that two were released already and I believe another of the girls will be out soon too. That's justice?
Murder isn't always just murder, there is something so insanely twisted about the way these girls killed Shanda. I am disgusted these girls are now walking free, and one will soon. Our justice system is screwy.
I always get steamed when someone says 'well what about forgiveness' or 'they deserve to make ammends' because you ask that person, 'really, well what if it were your child or family member they commited the atrocity against?' and boy does their tune change. Basically this book really stayed with me for a long time,it's horrific and painful to read. Like this book? Read online this: Best Soccer Defenders Of All Time. Easy to read children soccer books with great graphics. All you need to know about the best soccer defenders in history. (Sport Soccer IQ book for Kids), Shrouded Angel (Angel Moon Trilogy, #2).

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