LogoLounge 5

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The fifth volume in the best- PDFselling LogoLounge series brings together an exciting collection of 2,000 totally new logos from designers worldwide submitted to LogoLounge. LogoLounge 5 PDF EBookcom, the largest collection of logo designs in the world. The front of the book contains an inspiring series of articles, featuring top-notch design work from such world design leaders as Lippincott, Felix Sockwell, Fragile, Cato Purnell, Chermayeff & download; Geismar, Mattson Creative, Moving Brands, Origin Communications, and Hulsbosch. The second part of the book contains 2,000 logos logically organized by category (typography, crests, people, mythology, nature, sports, and so on), plus additional articles on the latest work by Interbrand, Design Ranch, Von Glitschka, Landor and more.
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