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HA! Well, let me TELL YOU. Lonely Planet Tailandia PDF EBook.. My mom has a client who spends half her year in the states, and half her year in Thailand. So, when my mom mentioned that her daughter (me!) and friends were planning to travel to Thailand, her client offered her house to us! Who could pass THAT up?! WELLLLLL... our lines of communication got crossed, and things didn't go QUITE as planned. My mother's client was so excited to have guests, she hired painters to paint her whole house... not realizing that would be occuring WHILE we were supposed to be staying there. Long story short? We were picked up by her relatives in Thailand and dropped off at a hostel, not knowing what was going on! We thought we were going to be living with a family, so we hadn't planned out what were were going to do there AT ALL. If it weren't for Lonely Planet, we wouldn't have had a CLUE where to go or what to do!

WORD TO THE WISE! Do NOT visit Pattaya unless you are a plump, 50+ year old European man looking to hook up with a hot, young, Thai girly- PDFboy. There are prettier beaches on the Koh's (we LOVED Koh Chang) AND a lower creep factor! Can't beat it! Like this book? Read online this: Hildebrand Travel Guides-Thailand, Lonely Planet Córcega.

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