Look Both Ways

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In "Look Both Ways," respected branding consultant and design community leader Debbie Millman has constructed a series of essays that examine the close relationship between design and everyday life. Look Both Ways PDF EBook You'll find inspiration on every page as you meander through illuminating observations that are both personal and universal. Each beautifully illustrated essay reveals the magic - PDF and wonder - of the often unseen world around us.

Excerpt from "Look Both Ways"
"It occurred to me, as I stood there, that I could simultaneously, vividly look both ways - backward and forward, in time - at once. I remembered longing to know what was coming, who I would become and how. And I suddenly saw it all over again in front of me. The light was exactly the same, and as the sun fell and the summer shadows slivered against the elegant, lean, concrete towers in the distance, I recognized the smell of the warm air, the precise pink and grey of the coming dusk and the mysterious melancholy and joy of both knowing and not-knowing, and the continuity that occurs when both collide."—Debbie Millman Like this book? Read online this: 110 Ways to Detect a Bad Relationship, Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It.

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