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Jim serves as the first mate aboard the Patna, a vessel transporting 800 Haj pilgrims from Singapore to Mecca, but when the ship hits floating wreckage, Jim and the rest of the crew jump into a lifeboat and abandon the ship and the pilgrims.Yet, the bulkheads hold.Ship and passengers are saved— but the reputation of the disgraced crew has been mortally wounded.

In his daydreams, Jim had fantasized about heroic adventures wherein he always chose death before dishonor, but “a man that is born falls into a dream like a man who falls into the sea.” One must “submit to the destructive elements” and, in doing so, “make the deep, deep sea keep you up.”

In a flash, Jim’s conception of himself vanishes, even though he cannot forget his fierce moral code.Although Jim claims that he jumped on impulse— not because of cowardice, the jump will dictate his destiny just as surely as character would have.

Now this wandering exile from the sea searches for a lost conception of himself in the remote isolation of Sumatra.In the second half of the novel, he becomes “Lord Jim,” leader ofMalay natives, and he faces a second crisis that forces him to decide whether to “jump” or not to jump.

Jim’s tale is related by Marlow— the same loquacious narrator in Conrad’s earlier novel, “The Heart of Darkness."We overhear Marlow as he tells Jim’s story to companions while they smoke cigars after dinner. Readers must use their best efforts to piece together his impressionistic, inscrutable, fragmentary, and oblique narrative.We get conflicting visions of Jim through the multiple witnesses who talked to Marlow, who then re- PDFfilters them for us.How can we ever know the whole truth about anything?

Conrad writes long sentences of densely exotic description and includes psychological digressions that explore the subconscious, sublimation, and identity.
I was being made to comprehend the Inconceivable –and I know of nothing to compare with the discomfort of such a sensation.I was made to look at the convention that lurks in all truth and on the essential sincerity of falsehood.He appealed to all sides at once—to the one side turned perpetually to the light of day, and to that side of us which, like the other hemisphere of the moon, exists stealthily in perpetual darkness, with only a fearful ashy light falling at times on the edge. (73)
“Lord Jim” also contains autobiographical material from Conrad’s own life in the Merchant Service and his crisis of self-identification as a Polish exile.The novel may also be read as an allegory of the European colonial domination of indigenous peoples and of racism.

Conrad rewards close readers with new insights after multiple readings, but most will need to invest effort just to understand the plot.I laugh as I remember when I first attempted to read this book on the day I jumped into fatherhood in 1997.I held my new daughter in one arm and read aloud to her from “Lord Jim” in her first hours of life.(Considering the emotional demands of that day and the concentration demanded by Conrad, it was—perhaps— not an ideal choice, so I jumped ship.)

Jim jumped.Jim fell.Jim rebuilt. Lord Jim arose.You may see yourself in Jim. Marlow keeps reminding his listeners that Jim “was one of us.” After all, who among us has not jumped at some point in life? Who has not acted dishonorably at some impulse or in some moment of weakness?Who has not been forced to reconcile what we are with what we would like to be?

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