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"Forbidden Romance in the Ruthless Highlands"

Novels written in the 19th century are not everyone's cup of English tea, so taste therefrom with literary trepidation. Lorna Doone PDF EBook This book is quite different from Blackmore's AT THE BACK OF THE NORTH WIND; download; no intertwined Fact and Fantasy here, but a curious blend of Romance and Adventure, as if the author were not entirely certain which genre he was brewing up in the wild countryside. In my opinion, LORNA is much more readable and almost enjoyable.

It was slow getting into, but one must make allowances for Blackmore's (to us) antiquated style: archaic vocabulary, country dialect to slog through, plus a great deal of religious and political warfare—obscure historical references for most Americans. Expect highly improbable plot contrivances, with unrealistic events thrown in to help the romantic protagonists. Yet for the majority of the novel, the plot moves swifly apace over several years, reaching a satisfactory denoument, with most of the young people married off and Justice being served.

The tale opens when 12- PDFyear-old John Ridd (the hero/narrator) of Somerset returns home from school to discover that his father has been murdered by a renegade band of footpads and cutthroats—the Doone clan. That den of some 40 thieves has long been a thorn in the side of honest landowners and the local constabulary. John encounter their sweet young "Queen" Lorna, who wants none of their mayhem, on several occasions during her childhood, until they finally meet as teens, though he is much older.

His heart is instantly captivated; thus he undertakes to win her love, which is difficult considering the bitter feud between their families and her elevated social class. As if Love cares for mere class distinctions! Many years pass with counterplots and revolutionary hopes, espionage for the King and a secret gold mine. Yet our hero will have none but his beloved Lorna, as he researches her mysterious background. Blackmore's style includes sly humor, wry wit and jibes at London in general, as he spins this rustic tale of Romance and Adventure. The plot is chaste and the vocabulary might prove too great a challenge for junior high kids. The novel was written before there was a Young Adult market, but it would be fine for diehard Romance fans or students of 19th century British lore.

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