Love by Deception

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Meet K. Love by Deception PDF EBookC. a gregarious, fun loving woman in her thirties. With an abundance of friends, and an enviable position as a jet- PDFsetting stewardess in the prestigious world of private aviation, she seems to have it all....but does she?

Love by Deception is a compelling read of how meeting the wrong person can bring not only heartache, but real devastation in the most brutal of ways. We follow K.C.’s turmoil, as we unravel her disastrous relationships where she becomes the unwitting victim to four extremely cruel men.

Throughout K.C.’s journey she is determined to never allow anyone to break her spirit. Like this book? Read online this: Jealousy in Relationships - 15.5 Powerful Ways to Permanently Overcome Jealousy in Relationships, Deception.

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