Love Under Two Strong Men (Lusty, Texas #7)

PDF EBook by Cara Covington

EBook Description

Tracy has been in love with Jordan Kendall forever. Love Under Two Strong Men (Lusty, Texas #7) PDF EBook When Jordan gets together with Peter Alvarez, she couldn’t be happier. She fell in love with the handsome Fed at first sight, and she knows the sparks are there for all three of them. But while Peter seems receptive, Jordan still thinks of her as a kid.

So Tracy takes the biggest gamble of her life. When it works, she’s thrilled. Until she realizes that Jordan can’t trust that they’re forever—and that Peter is keeping a secret.

Jordan has never been able to completely relax in his own skin. He wants to believe Tracy and Peter can be his for a lifetime, but his own self- PDFdoubt keeps getting in the way.

Then he learns that Peter’s got a price on his head, and Jordan knows he’ll do anything he has to do to protect the man, and the woman, he loves. Like this book? Read online this: Jordan Crandall, Love Under Two Outcasts (Lusty, TX, #24).

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