Lovers of Babel

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Part science fiction thrill ride, part futuristic epic, Lovers of Babel takes readers on a fascinatingly riveting journey into a new world. Lovers of Babel PDF EBook Part one of this trilogy examines the impending future of our civilization and the ancient mysteries of our time. Readers will discover that in the future, access to time travel is kept inside a wooden box, humans can teleport to distant lands, transform into creatures, or create anything they desire out of thin air.

After the apocalypse of 2112, the earth was thrust into a new age. The former earth has transformed into cosmic Equinox, where the stars hang low and the moon is on the horizon. A fraction of mankind was able to survive the apocalypse by living underground for thirty years. Those born after the destruction of the world possess powers that defy the laws of physics and human anatomy. Sage, daughter of Equinox leader Amias Riley, is a creator who is on a dangerous mission to discover the secrets of her world. With the help of her best friends Chad and Mia, she will escape beyond the barriers of her homeland to discover the hidden wisdom that has been kept in the shadows by her very own father. Just beyond the Equinox grid is an unfamiliar place called Providencia, where Sage and Chad will face challenges that will alter their perception of the truth of their world. In the midst of their journey, they meet the young brute, Elliott, who causes Sage to question her beliefs. Like this book? Read online this: World of Animals Science Vocabulary Readers 6-Book Set, Babel.

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