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Eight short stories in one volume, ranging from the quietly suspenseful ("The Very Old Man" by Jenny Milchman) to the hilarious ("Call of the Riled" by Ellen Holzman). Lunch Reads Boxed Set PDF EBook These stories were released previously two to a volume in four separate volumes. In this "boxed set," readers can enjoy them together at a reduced price. Here's the line- PDFup:

"The Very Old Man" by Jenny Milchman (author of the novel COVER OF SNOW)
A young mother becomes increasingly concerned about a chance encounter with a senior citizen. Her fear for her infant daughter grows as she experiences more and more odd circumstances.

"Escape from Southern Point" by Libby Sternberg
A short domestic mystery by Edgar nominated Libby Sternberg. A young bride is left at the altar: what secret from his past pulled the groom away?

"Skullduggery Stew" by Gary Alexander
Gary’s dry wit and penchant for the absurd are at their height in this tale whose characters and plot might seem familiar. Think Hansel and Gretel meet The Food Network. But this is no children’s cautionary fable. It’s a cauldron of humor and droll observation. As you roll toward the end, you’ll start thinking, “no, he won’t possibly…” Oh yes, my friends, he will….

"Roswell Girl" by Gary Alexander
Two characters with their own long-hidden secrets — an obnoxious sports radio host and an older woman, trying to make ends meet through tailoring and blackmail — collide in this O.Henryesque tale of cosmic justice.

"Shoplifting" by Edmund X. DeJesus: A cantankerous woman does her regular grocery shopping, providing a mental commentary as she cruises the aisles. But all is not as it seems in this densely packed tale of skewed perspective.

"Call of the Riled" by Ellen B. Holzman: A newspaper editor is murdered, and the whole town is talking about whodunit—in letters to the editor of The Mountain Telegraph, a small-town newspaper whose letter writers will seem familiar to anyone who's ever regularly read similar publications. The author, a former newspaper publisher, brilliantly captures each distinct personality as she slowly reveals the criminal in this epistolary story.

"Looking Glass Lilly" by E.B. Loan: As birds fall from the sky and fish die in rivers, Lilly’s parents begin to believe the end is near. But whose end? From the first words of this haunting story, E.B. Loan pulls the reader into young Lilly’s fears as she struggles to understand what’s happening.

"A Pot of Gold" by Ted William Gross: Moishe, the tailor of Lomza, still grieves for his wife years after her passing. His sorrow blinds him to the needs of his family until his daughter Rachel tells him she would like to marry. Prompted by a dream of riches, he sets off on a journey to Warsaw to find the gold for her dowry, encountering instead an adventure where disaster confronts him.


Each story is accompanied by afterwards by the authors. Like this book? Read online this: Authors & Artists for Young Adults, Volume 32, HBR's 10 Must Reads on Communication.

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